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Guided Meditation | Sol Soul-ar Plexus

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Sun guided meditation for the solar plexus. Peppermint oil for the belly and breath-work.

Solar Plexus Self

The solar plexus is the third chakra, located between your belly button and the bottom of your sternum/rib cage.

Find this area with your hand and fingers.

Traditionally it is considered to be a golden yellow color. It is the seat of self-identity and personal power, your core. Here lives your gut instinct, inner fire, digestion, diaphragm, discernment, and confidence. Discernment to know what is for you and what is not, and the confidence to follow your inner guidance. Imbalances in your solar plexus disrupts the health of this chakra and the corresponding body areas/systems. Imbalance occurs from poor gut health, not listening to your intuition, and judgement.

Essential Oil Enhancement

To complement this guided meditation, I use peppermint essential oil to stimulate digestion and uplift. The best peppermint oil I have access to is Young Living.

Take 3 inhalations of aromatherapy. Apply oil to your upper and lower belly.

Body-Mind Practice

Using an open hand and fingers, rub your whole belly in a clockwise circle for 30 rotations.

This self-massage technique is naturally soothing and follows the large colon in the direction of digestion. You are promoting elimination and using a body-mind motion for releasing that which does not serve you.

Hold your open hand softly over your belly button.

This self-centering technique connects you to your core self, sensitivity, and power. You are over your small intestine, which soaks up the nutrients of the food you've eaten.

Send the feeling of a smile to your lower and upper belly.

This is a Yang Sheng technique for self-healing and expressing gratitude to the body, creating a better environment for you to live confidently in.


Find a comfortable position you can stay in for the rest of the meditation.

Come gently back to the message whenever your mind wanders into other areas.

Soften your belly.

Don’t hold it in or make it small — let it relax.

Place your hands on your solar plexus

Feel the warmth radiating from you. Breathe into the belly, aligning your spine. If you are seated, align head over heart, heart over hips. Think of your solar plexus as the fire of a hot air balloon, helping fill up your lungs and heart, lifting you up and elevating you.

Commit to your breath for the rest of the mediation.

Inhale and exhale 5 times.

As you continue to settle into your body, release any recent and past judgement towards yourself and others. Judgement harms the solar plexus and self worth, so spend time releasing feelings and experiences of judgement. For the rest this practice, you are implored to explore and express your full potential to yourself.

Send encouragement to where your hand lies and deepen your connection to the center of your body.

This space holds your truest self, including your personality, passions, pleasures, and creativity. Your truest self is the most authentic, genuine, version of yourself, and one of your greatest assets.

This space is where you integrate your emotions, ideas, thoughts and intelligence; when you exercise your willpower and take manifesting action; how you transmute challenges into opportunities, and crystallize your vision and dreams into reality.

Imagine a marble-sized, golden-yellow ball along your spine, a little bit above your belly button.

You discover that with your breath you can grow this ball of energy.

With your breath, expand the golden light to meet your hand on your body or your hands to the side of your body.

With each breath, expand this light up your arms, into your chest, throat, face, and crown.

With each breath, expand the yellow light into your low belly, hips, legs, and feet.

Your whole aura is filled with a happy golden-yellow color and warm energy, and with every inhale your beaming energy becomes more and more fiery. Breathe it into your body and soak up. Bask in your sun and feel the peace of being near to yourself.

With your inhales, you drew down a filament of fire from the sun. Holy fire infuses your aura, especially around the epicenter of your solar plexus in your upper belly and along your spine. It is a shield of confidence, light, and inspiration, very powerful energy. It is a great match for your natural power and gravity, and sharpens your understanding of your true self.

With your exhales, send this holy fire to an area of your life that needs your strength right now. Believe that your sunny energy will light up shadowy aspects and bring you closer into alignment with your highest potential. Blast away old fears with your inner fire. Feel the rise and fall rhythm of your breath. Keep this healing light energized.

Inhale and exhale 5 times.

For the rest of the day, keep exploring and expressing your fullest, highest potential to yourself.


  1. I have lots of energy.

  2. I am the crafts-person for my ideal life.

  3. I seek direction from within.

  4. I am uniquely creative.

  5. I am inspired.

  6. I am strong.

  7. I am motivated.

  8. I am destined.

  9. I respect and love my whole being.

  10. I embody inner peace.


Inhale and exhale 5 times.

Give your belly a rub and send gratitude to all the work it does with you.

When you’re ready, open your eyes but keep your focus inward.

You may return to your day. Namaste.

Crystal Pairing

Citrine for confidence, self-esteem, and abundance.

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