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Moon Tides

Some starting words: I see both sides, I do both things. Through me is born money, opportunities, love, and hard work with good and fair compensation. It is through both earned freedom and royal blood that I rise concurrently in the strain of two oceans, moving energy with vigor in the right direction for me. If it works for me, it benefits those around me as that is my intention. Alignment is gained through meditation, good health, and flexibility. My reducing pain reminds me of the beneficial actions I take for myself. My healed body is compassionate and highly attuned to my surroundings. I am not numb. I offer free love and circulate wealth. My richness is like the earth and it is honored by those around me including myself as it assures me constantly that good things are happening. Innovation, key factors, relationship-focused dynamics that support the caregiver. My cancer moon rejoices. My capricorn moon feeds. My gemini is content to have so many options. My scorpio rises magically and powerfully, inspiring awe in the ranks. The fruit of my labor speaks for itself allowing me to focus on vision, passion, and execution of healing events. Miracles.

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