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Philosophy | Chi flows through the body and disruption leads to pain and disease. The body is an ecosystem that is balanced by yin, yang, and the elements fire, earth, air, metal, and water.

"The healing arts are how I help people free themselves from pain and bring more harmony into their life.”

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Meet the Therapist

Morgan Faith Hanlen offers high-end massage therapy as the sole proprietor in the luxe 46 Penn massage studio in Kansas City.  Her unique touch and body insight stem from experience, intuition, and compassion. As a licensed practitioner of 7 years, her hands have learned many ways to assist her clients to achieve sustainable breakthroughs in their bodies. 

Her massage style is intended to ignite your body’s natural healing process. Morgan’s signature method incorporates a musical and dancing rhythmic fusion as well as a mix of European massage, myofascial release, and nuero-muscular therapy. On her end, she is often led by your body’s wisdom which will direct her into the tissues, allowing central issues to be addressed and relieved. 

Through therapeutic communication, stimulation of your meta-systems like chakras, and reminding you of the richness of your being, her healing relaxation is medicine for your mind, body and spirit. 

Morgan is honored to play an essential role in this new wave of bodywork and is grateful to the many people who have supported her journey.

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Top-Tier Education

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Regularly Certified


Ethical Energywork

Healing Arts Institute Colorado

Hot Stone, Cupping Therapy

Reiki L1 + L2

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