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Love Potion Lotion

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

This enticingly sweet and deep scented creme is the perfect mix of self-care and love magic, made to hydrate, plump, & attract. The oils are specifically chosen for their fragrant influence and traditional uses as aphrodisiacs & heart-openers!

Sacred Recipe

  • Egyptian Geranium oil (sub: Rose) ~20 drops

  • Jasmine oil (sub: Ylang-Ylang) ~20 drops

  • Black Pepper oil ~20 drops

  • Creme lotion, unscented ~8 oz.

Sexy Man-ifestation

Do this simple, sexy manifestation technique to complement the intention of your potion.

Take deep inhales of the earthy, spicy, floral scent of your essential oil blended lotion. Let your heart flutter. The love you practice here adds potential to the love for which you pray.

Think of the love you are calling into your heart while applying, especially to areas where you hold the power in your body to attract a sacred lover. Your physical form is unimaginably intelligent & magical, and the intention you put into it exudes out. Your pheromones are irresistible!

Imagine Them, the special One, approaching you, casually or purposefully, and let your hand become their hand. Perhaps you momentarily imagine your body as their body, like you are lovingly lubing them. Delight yourself and one another with the tantalizing treat you made, like you will delight in the life you make together.

Once you are sufficiently doused, send Them a kiss that comes back, and finish with an inhale, exhale.

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