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Therapeutic Massage

The best massages do multiple things.

Professional relaxation therapy featuring firm pressure with careful application of deep-tissue techniques, decompression, and gently working out tension points. Soothing strokes of neuro-muscular techniques relieve symptoms of modern life and increase circulation, thus compassionately open the heart.

Every session is customized for you by taking your chronic, recent, and same-day health into consideration.

BODY Massage Service
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Deep Tissue Add-Ins

Opt in on your booking intake form.


Hot Stones


Body-safe river stones are warmed and rubbed along the body during the massage to bring additional circulation and relax muscles.

10 stones are pulled from a heated cabinet.



Decompressive silicon cups use light-firm suction to pull on fascia and strip muscles.

(Sometimes leave marks that heal within 2 weeks.)

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Tanning Reservations

You can reserve the 46 Penn tanning room for a free 10 minute UV tanning session in a stand-up solarium after your massage.

The unit will be sprayed down with disinfectant before and after your session by a team member. 

Opt in on your booking intake form.

Includes complimentary eye-protection.

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